Neurosurgery Clerkship Rotation – Reporting Instructions

Welcome to your Neurosurgery Clerkship Rotation! We sincerely hope you enjoy your time with us. We understand that you have a very brief rotation with us so we have compiled some information to help you integrate into the service.

Survival Skills:


- We recommend you wear surgical scrubs at all times so that you may move between clinics and the operating room without difficulty. Please ensure you have access to the scrub machine!

- Don’t be afraid to participate!

Rotation Schedule:

For the duration of your rotation please report to weekday rounds which start at 6:00 AM in the Surgical ICU (SICU) Radiology Reading Room (2nd Flr). Our Neurosurgery residents are an excellent resource for you and will help direct you to rounds, surgical cases and academic events taking place throughout the week.

After morning rounds, please attend one of our many clinics or participate in surgical cases in the operating room. Ideally we would like you to spend 50% of your time in clinic and 50% of your time in the OR. Both the clinic and surgical slate schedules can be viewed in the Neurosurgery Slating Office (GB 103B). Please note:

  • Adult Neurosurgery Clinics take place on a daily basis in the Neurosurgery Clinic area GB 1 (in the Green Owl Zone across from MRI)
  • Pediatric Neurosurgery clinics take place every Wednesday in Clinic X located in the Yellow Deer Zone of the Children’s Hospital.
  • Our surgeons operate out of Theatres 3 & 4 in the adult OR and Theatre 3 in the peds OR. We recommend that you wear scrubs throughout the rotation - you may wear a white coat to clinic if you prefer. Please confirm your clinical attendance using the sign in sheet provided in the GB clinic area.

On-Call Duties

A weekly calendar has been published online for you. We have chosen specific residents for you to work with (highlighted in yellow on the schedule) and we expect that each student will take at least one day of call. Please organize amongst yourselves so that each of you is taking call ON SEPARATE DAYS. Please contact the resident on-call for the day to identify yourself and make yourself available for consults. You are still expected to attend clinic or be in the operating room while you are on-call; our residents will call you if there is a consult for you to see.

Teaching Sessions

We invite you to participate in as many weekly educational rounds as possible. Below is a schedule of the rounds that you may attend:

  • Wednesdays 8am – Neurosurgery resident teaching rounds (Note: Medical students are prohibited from participating in Mortality and Morbidity Rounds)
  • Fridays 8am-12pm Neurosurgery academic half-day teaching sessions
  • Pituitary, Epilepsy Surgery, Spine, Vascular, Pediatric Neurosurgery, Oncology and Pediatric Neuro-oncology rounds are scheduled throughout the month. Kindly refer to the GB1-hallway bulletin for more info.


Your evaluations will be submitted on your behalf by the Neurosurgery Program. All worksheets and forms can be found on OPAL. Your evaluation for this rotation will be based on the following:

  • Attendance in at least one clinic (please have supervising surgeon sign your attendance sheet)
  • Attendance in at least one OR case. Please complete worksheet describing your experience.
  • Completed attendance sheet (for clinic and on-call duties)
  • We have provided 5 articles for your to review. Please review and answer questions from selected readings. (Answer sheets can be found on OPAL) Please submit all of the above to Cathy Hamilton in person or via email at by the end of your rotation! Evaluations are completed and submitted EVERY FRIDAY.

*Note: If you would like to have specific comments added to your evaluations, please feel free to ask for attending surgeons that you work with to write their comments on an evaluation sheet and submit to Cathy Hamilton.

*Please note you are not required to turn your rotation evaluation in to 260 Brodie. We will poll the section for feedback and submit a completed evaluation directly to the Department of Surgery. Should you wish to see your evaluation please contact me.

If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us!