Dr. Jason Beiko

Dr. Jason Beiko

BA(Hons.), MSc, PhD, MD, FRCSC

Dr. Beiko was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He attended the University of Winnipeg where he completed a BA(Hons.) degree in psychology. An interest in learning and memory lead him to pursue graduate work at the University of Western Ontario. While working in Dr. Peter Cain's laboratory he obtained a MSc. for his work in developing a biochemical model of Alzheimer's disease and a PhD. for his work on the electrophysiological basis of learning and memory.

Dr. Beiko received his medical degree from the University of Ottawa prior to returning home to complete a neurosurgical residency at the University of Manitoba. After residency, Dr. Beiko completed a Neurosurgical Oncology Fellowship at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston Texas before joining the Neurosurgery Department at the Health Sciences Centre.

Dr. Beiko’s main clinical focus revolves around the treatment of patients with brain and spine cancer. During his fellowship he learned advanced surgical techniques to treat these patients including skull base surgery, endoscopic pituitary surgery, awake brain cortical/subcortical mapping, integration of advanced imaging techniques (fMRI, diffusion tractography, etc…) into computerized navigations systems, use of intra-operative MRI, and gamma-knife radiosurgery.

He is a member of “The Brain Tumour Research Alliance of Manitoba.” His area of research revolves around understanding the role of surgery and intrinsic glioma biology (e.g. IDH1 mutation status) on patient outcomes.

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