The University of Manitoba, Section of Neurosurgery has developed a shadowing program to encourage and facilitate exploration of Neurosurgical careers early in medical education. Medical Students interested in Neurosurgery will have the opportunity to observe faculty members in the operating room, in clinic and during office hours. This is a unique opportunity to meet and observe our Neurosurgery Attendings and become comfortable in the field, without the pressure of grades or evaluations.

Your shadowing experience will allow you to learn what a day looks like for faculty members within the Section of Neurosurgery: What do they do or see all day long? What is the pace of the work? This is also a chance for you to talk to Attendings about how they selected their specialty, how they manage their life-work balance, and how their specialty choice aligns with their goals, values, lifestyle preferences, etc.

Please contact our Program Administrator in advance for a list of participating faculty members. Our Program Administrator will assist in scheduling a mutually acceptable date and time for your shadowing experience, arranging scrub access and liaising with the faculty member's office assistant. Please remember to keep your appointment as faculty have generously offered their time. To derive the most benefit from your experience, we encourage you to schedule your visit at a time when you can devote at least 2-3 hours to shadowing your chosen Attending.