Today the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba announced that a $2,000,000 commitment was made from Lilibeth and Michael Schlater that will allow a Pediatric Epilepsy & Pediatric Neurosurgery program to become a reality at the Children’s Hospital, potentially saving thousands of lives.

The Pediatric Epilepsy & Pediatric Neurosurgery program will consist of a new, two-bed monitoring unit at the Children’s Hospital; the hiring of two Pediatric Epilepsy Neurologists (who will be starting in the Fall, 2017); initiating a Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery program under the direction of Dr. Demitre Serletis and the Service Chief of Paediatric Neurosurgery, Dr. Colin Kazina; acquiring specialized robotic navigations systems (ROSA); hiring support staff; and providing epilepsy related teaching and education for patients, caregivers and the general public. In addition, epilepsy research will take place at the Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba. Planning has started and the hospital will officially start seeing patients in 2018.

[Source: Children's Hospital Foundation website].


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